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An online fitness coach can support you through your fitness journey in many of the same ways as an in person fitness coach. NKPT Online will work with you to design workout and nutritions plans, and work with you to meet your fitness goals. There are some differences between a personal trainer and a fitness coach. It’s true that both will help you improve your fitness, but an online fitness coach will be able to help you improve your overall health and wellbeing, as opposed to supporting your training sessions.

"I understand not everyone can train for two hours a day, 7 days a week and eat 5 meals a day; that’s where I can tailor the perfect plan to fit around your lifestyle. Book your FREE, no-obligation consultation call with me today to start your fitness journey."

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What Are The Benefits of Online Fitness Coaching?

There are many benefits to getting an online fitness coach involved in your fitness journey. An online fitness coach is an extra person who can keep you motivated and boost you up when you need it to keep you focused on the end goal. For people who are new to the world of exercise, an online fitness coach can help guide them into choosing the right sort of workouts for them without putting too much stress on the body. This gives people the opportunity to ease into it, and target the areas they want to improve on. If you are already working on your fitness then an online fitness coach could help you level up your results with new workouts and a personal nutrition plan. Online fitness coaching with NKPT Online will mean you get:

- 1-1 sessions to work out your personalised fitness plan
- Dedicated support from the start to finish, at a pace you’re comfortable with
- Your coach will hold you accountable to ensure you meet your goals
- The opportunity to choose workouts to work around your personal routine, whether that means home workouts, gym sessions or outdoor activities
- A tailored nutrition programme suitable for your needs
- Guides, information and programmes to make sure you are keeping on track and performing sessions and exercises correctly
Success Stories

Online Fitness Training Success Stories

Real people, real results…

Ian Swanston

"Another gain for me is my mental strength; I feel like I have more energy and am more productive at work and at home."

Jenni Parks

"If you want to get real results then Neil will definitely help you to achieve that, I highly recommend him."

Lucy Swanston

"Neil is so approachable, encouraging and motivating as a trainer. He makes you want to drive forward and do more."

Franky Tarrant

"After my first week I was looking better but more importantly feeling better."
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achieve Your Fitness Goals With Online Fitness coaching

NKPT Online has a dedicated app that you can use to keep in touch with Neil via instant message, and access to a video library of online workouts you can complete in the comfort of your own home. You’ll get a nutrition programme and twice weekly check-ins to ensure you’re staying on track to hit your target. 

Neil King has over 15 years of experience as a personal trainer, and will create a fitness plan tailored to your skill level and lifestyle. He understands not every person can work out every day, and will tailor your fitness plan to how much time you can commit. Working with NKPT Online means you have dedicated support every step of the way. To get more information about how Neil can help you on your fitness journey, you can book a no obligation, free consultation.
Neil King Memberships

NKPT Online Fitness Coaching Packages

3 Month Package

3x £133 monthly payments
Tailored nutrition plans
Discovery call on sign-up
Instant messaging with Neil
Twice weekly check-ins
Dedicated app and video support

1 Month Package

One off payment
Tailored nutrition plans
Discovery call on sign-up
Instant messaging with Neil
Twice weekly check-ins
Dedicated app and video support
NKPT Online Fitness Coach

Choose Neil As Your Online Fitness Coach

Neil King is a personal trainer and fitness coach with 15 years of experience delivering in-person fitness coaching. Going online as a virtual trainer has given Neil a wider reach, allowing NKPT Online to support people all over the country to better lead a healthier lifestyle and reach their fitness goals. 

Neil understands that people with a busy lifestyle may not have the time to train extensively for hours each day. He will work with his clients to identify their goals and create tailored fitness plans to ensure each client gets a bespoke fitness plan.After discussing your personal circumstances, Neil will create a fitness plan based on your lifestyle, which is perfect for people with demanding jobs, children, or people who live in remote areas who may not have access to a gym.

When you sign up to NKPT Online, your journey will start with a 1:1 consultation where Neil will get to know your goals and fitness background. You will get a personal plan, as well as access to a library of workouts suitable for your skill level and time commitment. You can easily check in with Neil through instant messaging and video chats. To your fitness journey with NKPT Online as your online fitness coach, book a free consultation today.
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