12 Week Strength Training Plan

Gain Strength In 12 Weeks With Tailored Strength Training Plans

NKPT Online's 12 Week Strength Training Plans are designed to help you achieve your strength goals. 

We offer personalised programmes that are tailored to your specific needs to ensure maximum results and sustainable strength gains. NKPT Online gives people access to expert personal trainers, fitness coaches, and nutrition specialists, providing unparalleled support and guidance. NKPT combines the latest scientific research with real-world training experience to deliver a comprehensive approach to strength training. This includes nutrition advice, training plans, as well as motivation and support along the way.

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What To Expect From NKPT 12 Week Strength Training Plans

A 12 Week Strength Training Plan is an excellent option for anyone looking to improve their fitness, strength, and overall health. Strength training plans with NKPT Online are structured and progressive. Your personal plan is designed with a strategic progression to maximise results and prevent plateaus.

You can expect a comprehensive and structured programme designed to deliver significant improvements in your strength, muscle tone, and overall fitness. The plan begins with an in-depth assessment of your current fitness level, goals, and preferences. Based on this information, our expert personal trainers create a tailored strength training programme that is challenging, yet achievable, ensuring you make steady progress.

Throughout the 12 weeks, you'll participate in a variety of workouts designed to target different muscle groups and aspects of strength. Your training will include a mix of compound exercises that engage multiple muscle groups, isolation exercises that target specific muscles, and functional movements that improve overall performance. The plan incorporates progressive overload, gradually increasing the intensity and volume of your workouts to ensure you continue to challenge your muscles and make gains.

12 Week Strength Training Plan also include personalised nutrition plans. The nutrition coaching aspect will provide you with guidance on the optimal macronutrient balance, meal timing, and portion sizes to support your strength training goals. You'll receive custom meal plans, recipes, and ongoing support to ensure you fuel your body effectively for peak performance and recovery.

Throughout your 12 Week Strength Training Plan, you'll also have regular check-ins with your personal trainer and nutrition coach, who will monitor your progress, provide feedback, and make adjustments to your programme as needed. This ongoing support ensures you stay motivated, accountable, and on track to achieve your strength training goals.

As you progress through your 12 Week Strength Training Plan, you can expect to see improvements in muscle tone, increased strength, and enhanced overall fitness. You'll also experience a boost in self-confidence and a sense of accomplishment as you conquer new challenges and witness the transformation of your body. The 12-week timeframe allows you to stay focused and committed. We  understand people have other commitments to keep, so we make it as easy as possible to work your training around your busy lifestyle.
Success Stories

12 Week Strength Training Transformation Success Stories

Real people, real results…

Ian Swanston

"Another gain for me is my mental strength; I feel like I have more energy and am more productive at work and at home."

Jenni Parks

"If you want to get real results then Neil will definitely help you to achieve that, I highly recommend him."

Lucy Swanston

"Neil is so approachable, encouraging and motivating as a trainer. He makes you want to drive forward and do more."

Franky Tarrant

"After my first week I was looking better but more importantly feeling better."
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Is a 12 week strength training plan the right option for me?

A 12 Week Strength Training Plan is a fantastic option for anyone who wants to improve their strength and general fitness. All strength gain programmes are created for each individual, rather than being a one size fits all training plan.

Beginners looking for a structured introduction to strength training can benefit from expert advice and guidance on the best exercises and the safest form and training techniques.

Busy individuals seeking a time-efficient programme can have a 12 week strength training plan designed to fit into their hectic schedules. Ultimately the NKPT Online strength programmes are great for anyone looking to build strength and muscle, lose weight and generally enhance their overall fitness.

NKPT Online will guide you through proper exercise techniques and programming, ensuring you make steady and safe progress and end up with more lean muscle mass development, a more toned and a more sculpted physique. By the end of the 12 weeks, you'll have developed a solid foundation of strength and the knowledge and habits needed to maintain and continue building upon your progress.
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NKPT Online 12 Week Strength Building Plan

3 Month Package

3x £133 monthly payments
Tailored nutrition plans
Discovery call on sign-up
Instant messaging with Neil
Twice weekly check-ins
Dedicated app and video support

1 Month Package

One off payment
Tailored nutrition plans
Discovery call on sign-up
Instant messaging with Neil
Twice weekly check-ins
Dedicated app and video support
Neil King Personal Trainer

Choose Neil King To Help You gain strength in Just 12 Weeks

Choosing NKPT Online for your 12 Week Strength Training Plan offers numerous advantages that will set you on the path to success. Neil provides a comprehensive approach to help you achieve your fitness goals. One of the key reasons to choose NKPT Online is our expertise in personal training and extensive knowledge in strength training specifically. We have been training people to help them build strength by creating effective and personalised programmes that deliver results, while providing guidance, support, and motivation throughout your entire journey.In addition to expert training, NKPT Online's nutrition coaches help you optimise your diet to complement your strength training programme. You'll receive custom meal plans, recipes, and support to fuel your body for peak performance and recovery. Our convenient online services, including video consultations, phone calls, WhatsApp, and a fitness tracker app, make it easy to stay connected with your personal trainer and nutrition coach, no matter your location. This ensures you have the support you need to stay on track and achieve your goals.

NKPT Online also offers a range of tailored home workout plans that can be adapted to your specific needs, preferences, and equipment availability. This flexibility allows you to continue working on your strength training goals even without access to a gym. We have a proven track record of helping clients achieve their fitness goals, from building muscle and improving overall fitness to preparing for bodybuilding events. Our personalised strength training programmes are designed to deliver lasting, transformative results.

Our 12 Week Strength Training Plans can be created to cater to people of all fitness levels, from beginners to advanced athletes. We design programmes that challenge and support you, ensuring you make progress at a safe and effective pace. Throughout your 12 Week Strength Training Plan, you'll have access to ongoing support and communication with your personal trainer and nutrition coach. They will be there to answer questions, provide motivation, and help you overcome any obstacles, ensuring you stay committed and on track. By choosing NKPT Online for your 12 Week Strength Training Plan, you'll receive the expert guidance, resources, and support needed to achieve your fitness goals and transform your health and wellbeing.
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