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NKPT Online Bodybuilding Coaching can help anyone. It doesn’t matter where you are in your fitness journey either. Working with an online bodybuilding trainer can help anyone from experienced bodybuilders right through to those just starting out and wanting to sculpt their physique.

Clients who have chosen NKPT Online for their bodybuilding coaching have experienced positive results with gaining muscle mass, improving muscle definition, and overcoming plateaus in training. NKPT Online has helped them work towards long term goals by helping to set realistic targets and creating personalised plans to keep them on the path to achieving them.

"I understand everyone is looking for the right weight loss plan to suit their lifestyle. I can create the perfect online weight loss plan as part of NKPT Online Weight Loss Consulting. Book your FREE, no-obligation consultation call with me today to start your weight loss journey."

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What To Expect From An Online Bodybuilding Coach

The main thing to keep in mind is that your bodybuilding coach should tailor a training and nutrition plan to your specific needs. Every bodybuilder has their own goals and targets, such as achieving a certain percentage of body fat or growing a specific muscle group to a certain size. Whatever the objective, there are a range of things that an online bodybuilding coach can help with.

You should outline your plans with your bodybuilding coach during your initial consultation. Having a conversation with your trainer will help you outline your objectives and discuss your journey so far. If you are an experienced bodybuilder then it can be beneficial to talk about training history, eating habits, injuries or sticking points that could be getting in the way of making progress. 

For those who are just starting out on their journey, online bodybuilding coaching can help ensure your training plans set you up for success. They will give you the best start with things like which exercises can generate good results, as well as advice and guidance on what to eat. Your online bodybuilding trainer will likely discuss things that will influence how your training should be carried out in the gym. The main thing to remember is that consistency is key, and results will not come overnight. This is important because training needs to fit in around work and personal commitments.
Success Stories

Online Bodybuilding Coaching Plan Success Stories

Real people, real results…

Ian Swanston

"Another gain for me is my mental strength; I feel like I have more energy and am more productive at work and at home."

Jenni Parks

"If you want to get real results then Neil will definitely help you to achieve that, I highly recommend him."

Lucy Swanston

"Neil is so approachable, encouraging and motivating as a trainer. He makes you want to drive forward and do more."

Franky Tarrant

"After my first week I was looking better but more importantly feeling better."
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NKPT Online Bodybuilding Coaching

Online bodybuilding coaching offers a convenient way for anyone to get expert guidance and support. NKPT Online bodybuilding plans are created using effective principles that have been tried and tested. One of the main things that is required for bodybuilders is commitment. Bodybuilding is not for the faint of heart and the results you seek will come as a direct result of the work that you put in. NKPT bodybuilding plans will address exercise habits and nutrition, but it is the everyday support that helps people stay on track.

NKPT Online support you and help keep you motivated for workouts and make sure you are getting the right support in other areas that impact progress, such as making sure you are eating enough and getting the right amount of sleep. Having access to your bodybuilding trainer is easy with instant messaging, voice and video calls. There is also the NKPT app, which can be the difference between making a workout. Having access to the right people and the right tools can really help people stay on track with their bodybuilding programme. Sometimes, you just need someone to hold you accountable on days where your motivation is low.
Neil King Memberships

NKPT Online Weight Loss Packages

3 Month Package

3x £133 monthly payments
Tailored nutrition plans
Discovery call on sign-up
Instant messaging with Neil
Twice weekly check-ins
Dedicated app and video support

1 Month Package

One off payment
Tailored nutrition plans
Discovery call on sign-up
Instant messaging with Neil
Twice weekly check-ins
Dedicated app and video support
Neil King Personal Trainer

Choose Neil King As Your Online Bodybuilding Coach

Neil King is an experienced bodybuilding trainer and nutrition coach with nearly two decades of experience delivering in-person bodybuilding coaching. Bodybuilding has many of its own unique challenges and there are many different parts of the plan that must be optimised to get the best results. This includes things like making sure you are training with enough intensity, consuming the right balance of nutritious food to get the nutrients and minerals required for growth and repair. You also need to ensure you are giving your body enough time to recover too. Overdoing it can be a massive contributor to slow progress.

NKPT Online has helped bodybuilders from all walks of life. Offering bodybuilding coaching online has opened the service up to people all over the country, meaning anyone can have a professional trainer to support their bodybuilding journey. NKPT Online bodybuilding coaching is perfect for men and women who want to work towards a bodybuilder physique. The service offers convenience and flexibility because there are no geographical restrictions or set times to train. You can structure your bodybuilding plan around your lifestyle.
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