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NKPT Online is an online virtual personal training service designed to give people access to expert personalised fitness and nutrition advice all delivered online.

NKPT Online personal training, includes video consultations, phone calls, WhatsApp messages, and a fitness tracker app. The aim is to eliminate geographical barriers and offer expert training and nutrition advice to anyone who wants a customised home workout plan. An online PT can cater to individuals with busy lives, parents, and anyone aiming to enhance their fitness journey. We always go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure every client receives the best possible support to achieve their goals and develop a sustainable fitness routine.

"I understand not everyone can train for two hours a day, 7 days a week and eat 5 meals a day; that’s where I can tailor the perfect plan to fit around your lifestyle. Book your FREE, no-obligation consultation call with me today to start your fitness journey."

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What Are The Benefits of Online Personal Training?

Online training provides the same benefits as in-person training. The only difference is consultations are done over the phone or by video call. All you need is a phone signal or an internet connection and you’re all set. An online PT offers flexibility and convenience. You can train from any location at a time that suits your schedule, which makes it more likely that you will stick to your workout and personal nutrition plan.

Keeping focus is not always easy, especially when life gets a little hectic. A virtual trainer and fitness coach will hold you accountable in the same way as they would in an in-person training session. Online workouts are designed to keep you engaged and motivated. The online PT format is also a great way to track your progress over time too. Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, or improve your general fitness, an online personal trainer will help you stay on course and work with you to achieve your fitness goals.

Online personal training with NKPT Online offers some great advantages too. The  virtual trainer means anyone can access tailored home workout plans without geographical boundaries. This allows anyone to exercise whenever and wherever. You can manage your fitness journey on your terms, working out at your own pace and adjusting your schedule to fit your lifestyle

Our online personal trainers keep you accountable for your progress, ensuring that you stay committed to your goals and remain motivated to achieve consistent results.
Success Stories

Online Personal Training Success Stories

Real people, real results…

Ian Swanston

"Another gain for me is my mental strength; I feel like I have more energy and am more productive at work and at home."

Jenni Parks

"If you want to get real results then Neil will definitely help you to achieve that, I highly recommend him."

Lucy Swanston

"Neil is so approachable, encouraging and motivating as a trainer. He makes you want to drive forward and do more."

Franky Tarrant

"After my first week I was looking better but more importantly feeling better."
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Is Online Personal Training A Good Option For Me?

Everyone is on their own fitness journey and there is no one size fits all for personal training plans. There are different types of online personal training, however. It is generally a good idea to work with an online PT service that includes an initial consultation. This can be done over the phone or video chat.

If you have a busy personal life, are a parent, or simply wish to enhance your fitness journey, online personal training with NKPT Online is an excellent choice. We provide expert guidance for clients from various backgrounds, including athletes, fitness enthusiasts and anyone seeking professional advice. Our tailored approach guarantees the right support for you, no matter your current fitness level or ambitions.

A discussion with a fitness professional can help you outline your fitness goals and ensure you receive a personalised fitness plan that is suited to your needs. This is especially important if you have any previous injuries, mobility issues, or health conditions that would need to be considered in your training plan. With ongoing communication and regular check-ins, we ensure that you stay on track and make the necessary adjustments to your programme as you progress. By removing the barriers that often come with traditional personal training, NKPT Online enables you to prioritise your health and fitness goals, leading to a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Neil King Memberships

NKPT Online Virtual Training Packages

3 Month Package

3x £133 monthly payments
Tailored nutrition plans
Discovery call on sign-up
Instant messaging with Neil
Twice weekly check-ins
Dedicated app and video support

1 Month Package

One off payment
Tailored nutrition plans
Discovery call on sign-up
Instant messaging with Neil
Twice weekly check-ins
Dedicated app and video support

Choose Neil As Your Online Personal Trainer

Bringing the personal training service online has opened up the PT experience to anyone, no matter the location or personal schedule. With Neil as your virtual personal trainer you will be able to fit your workouts and nutrition plan around your life. 

Getting started with NKPT Online is simple. Just reach out and we'll guide you through the process. We can set up a time for an initial consultation, during which we will discuss your goals, assess your current fitness level, and begin to create a customised plan tailored to your needs. Our trainers have experience working with clients at various fitness levels, including beginners, experienced athletes, as well as people recovering from injuries and rehab. Wherever you are in your fitness journey, we'll help to teach you the proper techniques and guide you through each workout, ensuring that you progress safely and effectively.

During his time in the fitness industry Neil has had one-to-one sessions with people from all walks of life, including busy parents, travelling professionals, competing athletes and a few celebrities too. If you're interested in finding out more about how NKPT could work for you then get in touch to book a consultation.
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