Working out with limited mobility

October 21, 2021

When I say that exercise is for everyone, I mean absolutely EVERYONE. That includes those with limited mobility, regardless of whether that is as a result of an injury, declining health or simply due to the inevitable ageing process we’ll all experience.

Is there an exercise plan for me?

Definitely. Whatever your circumstances, I can confidently say that there is an exercise plan which we can put together for you. Even if you need to work out without leaving your chair, we have plenty of options to counter the effects of an otherwise sedentary lifestyle and reach your fitness goals. Best of all, as well as being great for your physical health - perhaps even improving an existing condition - the benefits to your mental health will be off the scale.

Will I need to buy specialised equipment?

Not at all. You most probably already have all the equipment you need at home. For example, a humble tin of soup or vegetables can make the perfect free weight to work the arms, and a dining room chair is super-versatile as a prop for a wide variety of exercises and stretches. As you progress through your programme and find out what works for you (and what you enjoy the most) you can add a few pieces of minor kit such as a resistance band which is an easy-to-use aid for increased strength and flexibility, typically costing around £10.

Can I begin my routine without taking advice from my doctor?

As you are likely to begin your workouts with very short periods of relatively easy movements there is little risk involved. However, if you are suffering symptoms which you have not yet discussed or had diagnosed by your doctor or you have a predisposition to heart problems, dizziness or back or joint pain, then a chat with the GP for peace of mind would be advised. Let’s face it, your doctor will probably be delighted that you’ve ‘taken the plunge’ so if nothing else, it might just make their day!

Would a Personal Trainer work with me?

Yes. Yes. And yes again! Personal Trainers like myself thrive on working with individuals who have the most to gain from a tailored exercise plan. There is a common misconception that we only want to partner with bodybuilders and the uber-fit but, certainly for me, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. With my knowledge and expertise on limited mobility training, I can offer invaluable advice and support. I get the most satisfaction from helping people make big changes to their quality of life, regardless of their starting point. When I succeed in enabling you to feel better about your body and your abilities then I’ll be a very happy Personal Trainer indeed!

Why not take the opportunity to get in touch and have a chat about the breadth of possibilities for your particular circumstances, all done at your pace and biased for noticeable positive results.