The Neil King Personal Training 10 Top Tips for Safe Running 

April 20, 2022

Running is an effective and enjoyable part of any training plan. 

Accessible, liberating, exhilarating and easy to fit in at the last minute if some ‘golden time’ suddenly becomes available.

That said, thought still needs to be given to your run to ensure that you avoid injury and, most importantly, stay safe.

Here are my Top Ten Tips for Safe Running which should be front of mind, every time.

  1. Run with others

If possible run with friends or with a local club (the sociable benefit of this may actually increase your enjoyment as well as your safety!)

  1. Plan you route

Consider your entire route in advance of setting off, bearing safety in mind from start to finish and identifying any areas which you may be better off avoiding.

  1. Be alert to your surroundings

Be aware of what is going on around you and if you get a bad feeling about a route trust your instincts and change your course.

  1. Vary your routine

Try not to predictably repeat the same circuit at the same time every day or every week and certainly be aware of posting details of your activity on social media.

  1. Stay visible

Most runners know to wear reflective clothing or lights in the dark but make sure that you are always highly visible, even during daylight, by wearing bright colours.

  1. Take your phone

Keep your phone or wearable technology with you to make contact in the event of an emergency and to assist friend and family to know exactly where you are.

  1. Carry ID

Even if it is just a small slip of paper in your pocket or phone case with the details of someone to contact if you were involved in an accident

  1. Be road smart

Always run against the traffic and be aware of your visibility around blind bends, taking as few risks as possible when crossing roads or navigating stationary traffic.

  1. Maintain the ability to hear

Music can be a great boost to your run but try to either maintain a lower volume of remove one earphone to ensure that you can hear what’s going on around you.

  1. Consider self defence

There’s no need to pursue a black belt in karate but adding some general self-defence skills to your programme can be a real benefit – and learning the moves comes with its own fitness benefits too!

Thankfully the vast majority of runs will take place without any drama whatsoever however, in my book, it’s best to plan and that includes planning for any eventuality. 

If you would like more tips on staying safe throughout any of your activities I am always on hand to help. The only risk I’d like you to take is the risk of absolutely smashing your fitness goals!!