With NKPT It’s Personal!

November 3, 2021

The term ‘Personal Trainer’ is one with which most people are familiar but it’s worth taking a minute to think about what a Personal Trainer actually is and why we are so much more than gym instructors.

I have been supporting people from all walks of life through their fitness journeys for over 15 years now and I’d say I focus more on the person that the training. That may sound a little strange at first, but what I mean is that the exercise and nutrition plans I put together are truly personal. 

The programmes will contain individual elements which I know inside out. I’ll understand the science behind why they work, I’ll know when and where to incorporate them, and what the number and duration of each should be. That’s effectively the baseline level of knowledge you would expect from someone who professionally recommends physical exercise. The real difference in what I do, and the thing that increases my chance of success for my clients (regardless of their starting point), is tailoring every single programme to match very specific needs.

When it comes to improving physical fitness, there’s no one size fits all. Even if two people have what at first glance might be the same goal – losing weight for example – the way in which they can achieve this will differ hugely. There’s no point in putting a plan together that results in losing weight but in all the wrong places, and there’s equally no point in concocting the most amazing programme if the individual undertaking it stands no chance of fitting those activities around their family or work life.

Goals are personal (when you drill down into the detail of them) and the route to achieving them should therefore be personal too. 

I know that I have the knowledge, expertise and experience to help my clients succeed. In fact, my aim is always to help every single individual who comes to me achieve so much more than they ever thought was possible – that’s the joyful part of my job.

In order to do this I must make sure that every single element of the training plan I put together is tailor-made to the client’s needs – their current position, their capabilities, their personal circumstances, their available time and their ultimate objective.

I always start with a discovery call and, through candid conversation, explore and establish the specific goals which we are aiming for. From this I can then put together the personal plan of training and nutrition which will be the backbone of the route to achieving those goals. Two scheduled support check-ins every week and 24/7 access to my dedicated app and customised video suite ensures that the programme remains on track and never loses the personalisation which will ensure its success.

If you have ever struggled to maintain a fitness plan or have perhaps disappointed with results that did not meet the targets you had in mind, then I’d love to speak to you. By making it entirely personal I believe you and I have the potential to succeed, and exceed, all expectations.