Top Exercise Tips for Those with Back Pain

November 3, 2021

A recent study by Arthritis Research UK and Imperial College London showed that approximately 1 in 6 UK adults suffer from some form of back pain.

It is not only the prevalence of back pain that is a cause for concern. Without appropriate treatment and care, back pain can be a debilitating and long-term condition which has a hugely negative effect on quality of life.

When it comes to back injury, seeking medical attention is always advised and strict adherence to the advice of the medical professionals is a must. If you have been used to a relatively strenuous training regime, then time and patience may be required before that can be resumed. For those who haven’t undertaken any form of fitness prior to injury, now may be the perfect time to start something very gentle.

Whatever your particular situation, here are our top 5 tips for exercising when you are suffering from back pain: -

1. Keep moving

Long periods of sitting or lying down can often make things worse, but as you keep moving think about smooth, slow movements and avoid anything rigorous or awkward.

2. Be aware of your posture

Maintaining good posture both during and after exercise is essential and will not only aid recovery but will also avoid future flare-ups.

3. Listen to your body 

Don’t get to the point of fatigue and instead stop and rest before your body gets too tired or your pain intensifies (and don’t increase the intensity of exercise until you feel improvement).

4. Try to remain relaxed

Anything you can do to relax your muscles will help with movement, whether it’s a hot bath before exercise, scheduling time for meditation or just adding acupuncture to your overall plan.

5. Sleep smart

Poor positioning in bed can hinder your recovery, as can poor quality or a low quantity of sleep time – lots of uninterrupted, deep sleep is essential as your body tries to heal.

These tips alone may not take you from a position of complete immobility to dancing around the room – certainly not in a matter of days – but they may just help you get back to a point where you can see beyond the pain and frustration which backache can bring.

As a truly Personal Trainer I can help you manage your own specific situation and formulate a programme to get you back on track, even if you feel that a full training programme is beyond your current reach.