Should I give up my gym membership now that I have a Personal Trainer?

April 12, 2022

I’m often asked by new clients whether they should give up their gym membership.

Here are my answers: -

  1. Yes, if you really don’t enjoy it

There are many alternatives to going to the gym so it’s not a case of no gym, no exercise.

You can play sport, run, cycle, row (on the actual water) or simply take your beloved pooch on an extended walk or two. Hill climbs offer a good cardio workout if done at pace and the addition of a few lunges, jumping jacks or burpees in nature’s exercise studio can maximise the benefit of your outing.  

There are also plenty of things you can do at home, even if you’ve not converted your bedroom or garage into a workout palace. One of the few benefits of the pandemic was the expansion and acceleration of on-line fitness offerings, but if you’ve had enough of Zoom, there’s still plenty to be achieved old-style with a few weights, an exercise mat and some of your favourite, energising tunes lined up via Alexa. The emergence of online personal training has also helped people work out at the comfort of their own home.

  1. No, if you’re thinking that employing the services of a Personal Trainer is all it takes

A Personal Trainer is the key to achieving your fitness and well-being goals.

He or she will take you from your starting point to where you want to be, providing you with the science, ideas, techniques and encouragement you need to get you there. Training under the guidance of a Personal Trainer should make your fitness journey enjoyable as well as safe and effective.

That said, you still need to have a place to train. Simply having a Personal Trainer on your side doesn’t mean you can cut out any of the actual work. If the gym is your preferred place to get your Cardio and strength exercises in, then it’s still the best place for you to do that. Your trainer will ensure that you get the maximum out of every session and will allow you to know exactly what you need to achieve, but those reps still need to be done by you!

Keep it personal – it’s all about you!

I always say that a Personal Trainer needs to keep things personal. That doesn’t mean that I get to know your deepest thoughts and feelings or that I’ll be inviting myself round to your house for Sunday dinner every week.

It means that my role is to ensure that your training programme is carefully and uniquely tailored to you – and stays tailored to you as you work through it. There will be learnings for both of us on the way, but the journey we take together should be the shortest route to your fitness ambitions and should, hopefully, also involve a healthy degree of fun.

I have clients who absolutely love the hours they spend in the gym. I also know many who get depressed by the thought of even entering the studio and will make any excuse to ‘give it a miss’. I can help you hit your exercise quota, wherever you choose to do it. For me, it’s about what you’ll able to commit to and stick to rather than the quality of the equipment you’re using.

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