Is it time to reassess your training goals?

April 5, 2022

Let’s put New Year Resolutions to one side. They don’t work for everyone, and they can be a bit of a false target (not to mention the fact that they are often made under the influence of a glass or two of wine…).

I prefer to talk about having a reassessment. By that I mean taking a step back and looking at the training goals you originally set yourself and asking: -

  • Are they still working for you?
  • Are you progressing towards them?
  • Are you finding them too easy?

Assessments are simply a starting point

Training goals shouldn’t be set in stone. They are usually formed after an initial assessment and some initial discussions about what the client wants to achieve. It’s about where they are now and where they want to be and may involve weight loss, body tone, overall fitness level, recovery rate, stamina – even the time it takes to run a specific distance or cycle between two points. 

I use all of my personal experience and expertise to put together a training programme to achieve my client’s goals based on what I believe they can achieve – but, of course, there’s still a small element of guesswork involved, and tweaking is sometimes called for as we get a few sessions in.

We all experience change in our lives

The one constant in everyone’s lives is change. That means that things which were relevant just a few short months ago might not hold the same level of concern or importance today. A busy schedule may mean that training sessions need to be less frequent or shorter, whereas an unexpected increase in free time means that frequency and duration can be ramped up. 

Health too, can play it’s part. Many clients have found that Covid has left them feeling altogether different, perhaps even struggling with exercises which would previously have been just mildly challenging. Exercise is great for improving strength and stamina, but sometimes medically we just need to turn it down a notch to let our bodies fully heal.

On the completely opposite side of the coin, I’ve had clients who have experienced so much progress in super-fast time that the original goals simply aren’t challenging enough. I’m always very happy to oblige them in adding some extra activities to keep things interesting!!

Don’t be afraid to question your Personal Trainer

For me, having a Personal Trainer is all about taking control of your own health and fitness, perhaps even taking control of your own life. For that reason I am never troubled by having a client come to me and ask if we can review their current personal training goals. I don’t see I as questioning my authority or my knowledge, I see it as a positive engagement and an opportunity to maximise their chances of success. 

I’m not paid on my performance in a direct way, but my business does rely upon clients achieving the goals which are important to them, so I welcome any steps we take towards a positive outcome. If you think that this approach is one which resonates with you or if you feel it’s time that you reassessed the approach of your current Personal Trainer then get in touch with me (and take back control).