Great Fitness Gifts for Friends and Family

With a huge range of items to choose from, you should be able to find just the right fitness-related gift for a friend or family member, regardless of what level of training they currently undertake, or what level of enthusiasm they have for exercise in general. 

It’s easy to go for the more obvious choices of chocolates, wine, toiletries or even socks, but one of the very best things about delving into fitness present possibilities is the fact that you’ll be giving your loved one the added gift of well-being, 

What gifts could we think about that would be well-received but wouldn’t break the bank?

Personally, I’d recommend thinking about the practicality of your gift. If it’s not something that’s made its way onto your friend or family member’s list to Santa, then there’s a risk that some thought about storage will be required. A rowing machine may seem like a wonderfully generous gift for example, but not everyone wants to have equipment like this in the middle of their lounge!

Thinking small and stow-away-able therefore how about: -

  • • Hand weights
  • • A massage roller
  • • A weighted blanket
  • • A step-up platform
  • • Skipping ropes
  • • Resistance bands
  • • Boxing gloves

And for tech-loving exercisers: -

  • • Smart watch/ smart watch accessories
  • • Wireless headphones
  • • Ring Fit for Nintendo Switch
  • • Subscription to a well-being app
  • • Self-cleaning, cooling drink bottles (yes, there is such a thing!!)
  • • Trainers with built-in tracker 
  • • Wearable heart rate monitors

Make your gift as Personal as it can be

Of course, if you want to really impress the recipient of your gift, why not consider starting them off on their own, carefully-tailored fitness journey? Show how much you care by giving them introductory sessions with their very own Personal Trainer. 

With the opportunity to extend your gift for other occasions (another 3 sessions for your Anniversary perhaps?) and the ability to split the cost amongst a larger group to solve everyone’s Christmas or Birthday shopping dilemmas, it’s a pretty ideal gifting option.

There may be a small degree of bias here, but from personal experience, I see the true benefit in overall wellness – both physical and mental – which my clients get from their individual sessions. I always start my client relationships with a discovery call which is an invaluable opportunity to construct a genuinely unique programme. That means we are always aiming for what is important to that particular person – not me, not the gift giver – and it is solely designed to smash personal goals. 

And what’s even better? There’s no wrapping involved!