Fit Celebrities – The 4 step plan on how they do it!

August 3, 2020

There is a misconception that celebrities and actors have all the time in the world to get fit and hit their fitness goals. However, this could not be further from the truth.

When a celebrity is training to meet the physical and aesthetic goals for a role, they need to schedule training around script practice, time on set, appearances, meetings, and general family life.

There is a simple 4 step plan you can utilise to help you sculpt that movie star physique.

Training hard and not getting the results you expect can be disheartening and can slowly chip away at your motivation. If this is you, don’t throw in the towel just yet. Let’s have a look at these 4 steps and how the celebrities do it.

Step 1: Set a goal

Seems obvious right! However, there are some factors you should consider when setting your fitness goals. A busy schedule means a celebrity’s goals need to be clear and inflexible.

Typically, an actor will have their fitness requirements set out for them by a Producer or Director based upon their upcoming role.

Since these goals are so clear, it means a percentage of the work devising a training program that is effective and goal specific is already done.

To get to this point, you need to be extremely clear on what your ultimate goals are (lose weight / gain muscle mass etc), much like the aesthetic requirements for a specific acting role.

Without this type of decision making and goal setting, your path to success can be that much more difficult.  

Step 2: Pick the right training plan

A one size fits all approach to your training program may not yield you those blockbuster results you so desire. However, personalising your training program will definitely help. Individualised exercise selection is the key to promptly obtaining your results.

Much to some disbelief, time is of the essence for most actors. They need to adopt a super focused attitude towards their training program to achieve their goals.

More training does not necessarily mean more results!

Just showing up to a training session, going through the motions and checking it off will not necessarily bring you those results.

Make every training session count. Afterall, your time is precious especially once you factor in the likes of work, family life and social commitments.

When planning your training program think about these 2 principles:

1. Make sure every session moves you closer towards your goals and is completed with purpose!

2. Your approach needs to be 50% fitness and 50% nutrition. Keeping a fitness and nutrition diary (handwritten or digital) will help track your progress, review your sessions, and make any necessary adjustments.

Step 3: Create your ideal diet

Planning and tracking your diet and nutrition plays a key role in reaching your goals.

The biggest influence on whether you gain or lose fat/muscle is nutrition, more specifically your calorie intake and macronutrient (macros) consumption.

The first step to creating your ideal diet plan is to calculate the number of calories you need daily. This is a fundamental step in your nutrition plan but is often overlooked. A celebrity simply cannot afford to miss this step and will ultimately use this knowledge to guide their nutrition plan.

Next, you need to look at your macronutrients:

• Proteins

• Carbohydrates

• Fats

To reach your aesthetic goals, you need to consider your calorie intake within these macronutrient groups. Think about it like this:

Get your calories right and watch your body weight move towards your goals!

Get your macros right and watch your body composition transform!

There is no need for fad diets or to overcomplicate your program. A diet is only as good as the ability to complete it.  

Step 4: Embrace positive pressure

There is nothing wrong with some positive pressure and celebs will naturally adopt this as part of their celebrity status.  

However, there are ways you too can inject this into your fitness journey:

1. Regular check-ins with a coach - weekly should do it.

2. Get vocal – talk to people, verbally or through social media.

a. Announce your goals

b. Announce your progress

c. Share progress photos

3. Get a training partner – this relationship can build up a healthy competitive spirit.

4. Set challenges with a fixed date – an obstacle course, marathon or even a photo shoot to celebrate your achievements.

When done correctly, these 4 steps can help chisel your body into superstar status.