Eating healthily when there is temptation at home

October 7, 2021

So, you’ve taken the first step to a healthier lifestyle and you’re doing all the right things – training, eating well and you’re following your plan. But it’s getting more difficult as time goes on. There’s temptation in your fridge and cupboards and everyone around you seems to be eating everything you are craving… sound familiar?

This is a common problem for many. If you live on your own it is easy to remove temptation like sweet treats and processed foods, but if you live with your partner, housemates, children or anyone else you may find yourself surrounded by people who are not making the same dietary choices as you.

Don’t worry, it may be difficult but there are ways to eat healthily when others around you are not, it just requires some determination and preparation. 

Meal prep

Making multiple meals in one go is without a doubt the best way to stick to a meal plan. Not only does it save tonnes of time in the long run, it means you will already have a meal prepared when others in your household might be tucking into a takeaway or a greasy burger, making it easier to resist temptation.

Be open about your goals

Talking to your friends and family or other members of your household about your goals and why you are doing what you’re doing is important. Lead a conversation about your health and fitness goals and what you need to achieve them. More often than not they will be supportive and once they realise you’re serious they will assist you in any way they can.

Keep your goals in mind

Especially when you’re worried about deviating from them, find ways to keep your goals at the forefront of your mind. Some good ways to do this could be to:

1.    Take progress photos

2.    Write your goals and/or meal plan down and put it up somewhere you will see it everyday

3.    Share your progress on social media

4.    Talk to those close to you about how you’re doing and the healthier choices you’re making

5.    If you have a personal trainer, talk to them regularly, they are there to support you

6.    Review your diet and training plan regularly and set new goals


It isn’t easy embarking on a health and fitness journey when others around you aren’t, but with discipline and clever planning it will be easier to stick to your healthy eating plan even when others in your household might not be.