Cardio: why I love it!

November 3, 2021

In my role as a professional Personal Trainer I believe in a healthy mix of activities, not only to give the best overall results but also to keep my clients interested and enthused rather than bored and uninspired.

All that said, there are so many reasons why I believe that Cardio has a place in every training programme and shouldn’t just be considered as the dull ‘standard’ option compared with the latest tech-infused developments in gym equipment. 

So, let me share with you why, after 15 years in the Personal Training arena, I believe Cardio plays such an important part in any fitness journey.

It’s all about the science really

Cardio is Cardiovascular Exercise, a term that refers to the fact that whilst you are working out your heart beats faster, you take deeper and more rapid breaths and you sweat more.  

During a Cardio workout you are using your major muscles and you are asking them to produce more energy. The muscles get their energy from the Oxygen in your bloodstream so when they call for more, your body increases its rate of respiration (hence higher breathing rate and heart rate).

A Cardio blast from the past – aerobics!

As Cardio workouts use aerobic metabolism they are often also referred to as Aerobic exercise. And whilst it might sound like it’s just a matter of getting uncontrollably out of breath, the increases in heart rate and depth of breathing are the bodies natural way of increasing the Oxygen supply and getting it to where your body needs it most - quickly and efficiently.

A workout for your major organs

The changes described above progressively challenge your heart, lungs and circulatory system, improving their function and ensuring that they stay healthy and strong. But, as well as looking after your heart-health, Cardio is also a great way to give yourself a mental health boost, improve your mood, quality of sleep and metabolism. Winner, winner, winner!!!

Available in 3 levels

There are 3 levels of Cardiovascular exercise and the difference between them sort of depends on where your feet are. High Impact Cardio is when both feet can simultaneously be off the ground at some point (e.g. jumping), Low Impact usually sees at least one foot on the ground at any time (e.g. walking) and No Impact is where something else offers support - such as water in the case of swimming or the bicycle frame in the case of cycling.

As you can see, there’s a level for everyone when it comes to Cardio. Whether you run, walk or jump or take to the gym and use the rowing machine, exercise bike, cross-trainer or stair-climber, you are utilising the cellular reactions in your amazing body to boost your health in a wide range of ways. That’s’ why this Personal Trainer loves Cardio!