Build Your Perfect Home Gym

January 13, 2021

Home gyms have increased in popularity over the years, and when you think about some of the effects the current Covid pandemic has had on the fitness community, we are simply in an era of the home gym.

Guys let me say this first, you do not need to break the bank to have a home gym. You can choose to invest in as much or as little equipment as you wish. There’s an abundance of exercises that rely solely on your body weight or common objects found in and outside the house, plus inexpensive exercise equipment that will help you reach your goals. So, don’t let financials put you off.

There are many advantages to having a home gym, maybe you have a busy lifestyle and need the flexibility to fit your workouts in around your work and/or family commitments. Perhaps you want to free up the expense of a monthly gym membership, or simply just don’t like the traditional gym. Whatever your reasoning, your home gym is personalised to work for you.

Now you’re probably thinking that sounds great but where do I even start? It’s not as difficult as one might think, and you don’t need a lot of space. I have listed some tips and suggestions to help get you started.

Designated Space

You need to think logically about your dedicated choice of space – any space will do, no matter how small, but pick a comfortable atmosphere. If you have an area you know will keep you motivated, choose it.

Now that you’ve chosen your area we need to make it desirable, kit it out with some things you love and make it your favourite area in the home.

Motivational Quotes and Pictures

Put them up on the wall, the shelf, get savvy and make a slideshow. However you choose, these forms of motivation are known to be effective. It doesn’t have to be a top Olympic athlete, it can be images of family and friends that will keep you smiling during those tough workouts.

TV and Gadgets

Now having a TV in your designated space is not a necessity but it can serve many different functions. If having MTV or VH1 playing on the TV is your thing then flick it on. Quite personally I love a TV series. Here’s a great tip, choose a series with episodes roughly the same length of time you wish to workout in. Now only watch this series when you are exercising. It will be something to look forward to, be entertained and motivated.

Perhaps you’d rather plug in your headphones and listen to some music, a podcast or audiobook, you could even link these to a speaker. Gadgets are a great addition to your home gym.  

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

If its possible get a mirror on the wall, this will help you check and correct your technique, and of course for vanity reasons.

Exercise Mat

Nothing fancy and you can pick these up anywhere for next to nothing. Exercise mats reduce the amount for slip encountered during those high intensity exercises. Also, nobody wants a sore coccyx or numb bum during a workout – get comfortable. Exercise mats can be used for stretching, core stability, Yoga and Pilates amongst others.

Resistance Band

Otherwise known as the booty band. Another good inexpensive staple for the home gym. They don’t take up any space and the versatility they offer is endless.

Exercise Ball

Another great yet reasonably priced way for chiselling out that core. Exercise balls serve to increase your balance, stability and flexibility. Not forgetting the endless entertainment it can provide for the kids, or yourself – boing boing!

Dumbbells / Kettlebells

Dumbbells are highly recommended and great for those dropsets.  Kettlebells are fantastic for those full body workouts offering huge amounts of versatility.

If you fancy pushing the boat out or find you have more space, you can of course add other pieces of equipment. These can include a barbell, ab wheel, exercise bike or treadmill but are in no way a necessity for your home gym.

Why not get the family involved? They can be your cheerleaders on the sidelines better still your gym partners. Working out as a family will not only improve fitness levels but encourages good habits, great family bonding time and builds towards a healthy lifestyle.