Beer Belly…Bye, Bye!

July 6, 2020

Have you been having arguments with your beer belly? Astounded at the speed it manages to come into your life but its lack of interest to leave?

Well in that case this one is for you.

A beer belly can be a result of some very fun nights out, tasty food and ice-cold pints and is all fun and games in the moment. However, the consequences can include an undesirable growing waistline, not to mention the additional strain on your joints and heart.  

So how do you get rid of the beer belly?

Well, you need to make some diet and exercise changes, starting with a calorie deficit (where you burn more calories than you consume).

This is effective because once your body enters its ‘deficit’ state it will be on the hunt for fuel to burn. If you diet and exercise correctly this fuel will be your stored body fat.  

Healthy eating

Cut back on beer consumption – an obvious starting place.

Half your potion sizes – we usually get overwhelmed with our senses and put too much food on our plate. Not to mention, the extreme restaurant sized portions. Your body will soon get used to the smaller portion sizes.

Count your calories – when losing weight, the average woman should consume 1500 calories and a man 2000 calories per day.

Eat a balanced meal – lean protein, whole grains, fruits and vegetables should all sit pride of place in your diet. Understanding how macros work can be beneficial, if you fancy delving into the world macronutrients have a read of my blog ‘What are Macros’.

Healthy food swaps – an effective strategy not just for loosing a beer belly but in your overall nutrition. Try swapping fizzy drinks with fruit infused water and crisps and sweets with raw veg and fresh fruit. Cook with extra virgin olive oil instead of butter or vegetable oil.

Get moving

I suggest lifting weights whether you are an experienced gym goer or beginner. 3 times a week is sufficient, should not feel overwhelming and allows for adequate rest.

You can gradually increase your work out days as time goes but should always factor in rest.

Some are under the impression that lifting weights is for those who want to ‘bulk up’ and not lose weight, which could not be further from the truth.

Weight training allows you to lose fat whilst gaining lean muscle mass. Without weight training you run the risk of not just loosing fat but muscle too.

Your workouts should contain a good amount of compound exercises such as squats, lunges and bench press and should last roughly 45 – 60 minutes.

I always recommend HIIT (Hight Intensity Interval Training) as it is a great fat burner and involves multiple compound exercises.

So, what about cardio?

Cardio is great and should be included in your training program too. However, the best way to view cardio is the dessert to your training program with weighs being the main course.

Sneak in the additional opportunities

You can go for walks during your lunch and you should be taking regular breaks from your desk to stretch your legs. Opting to take the stairs rather than a lift or escalator is a good option too. These are lifestyle changes than can have added benefits to your training program and help towards getting rid of the beer belly.

Let’s not forget accountability

Holding yourself accountable for your training goals and telling people all about your new health and fitness plan can serve as good healthy motivation throughout your workout and training program.

The additional bits

So we have touched on diet and exercise, however, there are other components to think about and additional things you can be doing to help shave down that belly and improve your overall health:

• Sleep – the average adult should be getting 7 – 9 hours of sleep a night.

• Drink water – you should be drinking 6 to 8 glasses (2 litres) minimum a day.

• Relax your mind – meditation is a good starting point and has many benefits to it.

• Limit the caffeine – try not to drink coffee after mid-day as research has shown this can affect your sleep.

Final thoughts

The joys of beer do not have to be completely eliminated from your life, you just need to moderate your intake and weigh up factors such as your calorie intake. You can try lighter beers and drinking slower / fewer whilst on a night out.