7 Gym Habits Women Absolutely Cannot Stand

November 16, 2020

We have all seen, and in some instances become accustomed to the familiar sounds and behaviours of the stereotypical ‘alpha’ male in the gym. Perhaps you yourself are guilty of these activities, whether it be conscious or not. Some may believe that these antics could lead to that much desired female attention, adding that certain ‘je ne sais quoi,’ but quite frankly it only serves to diminish a man’s attraction.

I have taken the time to put my judgements aside and to think objectively about the top seven habits men of all types commonly get caught up in when at the gym. These points are sure to be facetious at times but who knows, maybe next time you go to curl those weights you will think twice before acting upon some of these indulgences.  

1. The Grunt

Oh yes, we have all heard and seen it before, the ultra-masculine, bellowing sound of the infamous grunt!

Now we could draw on the historical aspect of these animalistic or primitive grunts dating back to the caveman days when these sounds were associated with male strength and a practice used for winning over the woman. But let’s be honest, this is not the Stone Age, grunting to showcase your masculinity became extinct with that era.

The ghastly grunt quite easily soars in at number one for the most annoying thing a man can do in the gym. Now that’s not to say you should hold your breath whilst working out. Breathing is an important part of the exercise process and a huge factor in performance. Successful breathing techniques should be practiced when working out and serve many purposes – but gentlemen, keep these repetitions to yourselves! This should not be heard from across the gym or from the car park. The unnecessary and pretentious growl from ‘the grunt’ is unappealing and serves no purpose but to disturb and irritate – Thanks!  

2. Mirror Affectation

Now we all like to check in at the mirror and admire the hard work we have put in from time to time, even I’m guilty of that – but let’s do this in our own privacy. You know what I’m talking about, the walking to the mirror, flexing your biceps to yourself. Removing your top and assessing your six-pack. Are you counting them? They are still there, one didn’t mysteriously fall off or magically grow during your workout!

We know what you are doing, and it caught our attention for all the wrong reasons. It just appears arrogant and quite pitiful. Now don’t get me wrong, this is not to discredit the hard work you have put in and the women in your gym most likely appreciate and are attracted to the muscles of a man that works out. But just so you know, if they were interested in you they would have craftily checked you out from the corner of their eye, way before you had the chance to whip off your top. So, do yourself the favour lads and don’t look silly fluffing your feathers in front of the mirror, or worse still take selfies, it will diminish any attraction you may have banked!

3. Random Shadow Boxing

Come on guys, what is this! Jab jab, right hook, swing left, upper cut! You know the guy I’m talking about - there’s always at least one. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve all marvelled over the likes of Muhammad Ali and played about with the odd bit of boxing whether in a class or some pad work but practising your moves and shadow boxing with yourself in the mirror is just a bit pathetic! I’m ringing the bell on this one – guys don’t knock yourself out!

4. Greedy with the Gym Space

For me this falls under simple gym etiquette. Most gyms have zoned areas and quite often popular spaces such as the weights area can quickly become congested. Nobody enjoys the shoulder-to-shoulder, sweaty hustle and bustle of the weights area, not least women – Bikram Yoga anyone!

Now combine this with the inconsiderate nature of some who deem it ‘logical’ to leave their keys, wallet, phone, sweat towel, workout drink etc dotted around them as if they are all social distancing from each other. Not to mention the inability to return weights back to their rightful place - super attractive fellas!

5. Dropping Weights

Ahh yes, twin sister to ‘The Grunt’, typically followed by the shuddering bang of dropped weights from unnecessary heights. It is just as irritating and frequently takes place in the already congested and sweaty weights area. Notwithstanding the safety aspect of this habit. Women did not come to play dodgeball with your dumbbells.

6. More Weight plus Bad Technique to Look ‘Strong'

You may think that picking up those oversized weights will make you look more desirable to women and help chisel out those contours sooner, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. Quite frankly it does the opposite. It’s laughable and makes you appear weak and therefore unattractive – sorry guys its true! Don’t bite off more than you can chew with your weights to look strong. A solid man, with a solid technique who is not shaking around like a gumby string will undoubtably be more alluring.

7. Inappropriately Commenting on Girls

As is known female gym wear, for practical reasons, fits snugly to the body. The exercise of squats, lunges or deadlifts does not open the floor to your speculative comments – yes this does happen!

It is not chivalrous, nor sexy, and I don’t see it as flirting – it’s just creepy. You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar!