3 Ways To Make Sure Your Training Works

May 4, 2020

Contrary to what some fitness experts will say, the thought of exercise these days can be daunting for those who struggle to maintain consistency. Some of this can be a result of those helpful quotes you come face to face with at the gym:

• Work hard, train harder – I don’t know about you, but I work pretty hard as it is!

• You are only one workout away from a good mood – Who said I wasn’t in a good mood? Well I’m not now!

• Train insane or remain the same – I quite like my sanity thankyou very much. Shouldn’t we be training SMART?

• Be savage not average – Really!... really!... savage?

• You gotta be a beast even if you’re tired – What’s with all the ‘beastly’ references? I’ll tell you what is making me tired, these quotes… I’m out!

Ok you get my point! Nothing is wrong with some good motivational quotes to keep spirits high during your workout, but sometimes - just sometimes these quotes have a negative effect on their audiences.

The underline message is intensity, and yes this is a key component. However, this can lead to some misunderstanding, not to mention the health and safety aspects being affected.

So, let’s look at ways you can ensure your training is working for you.

1. Resistance Training

Also known as strength training (or weight lifting), this is a great training technique incorporating the use of your limbs against resistance or weight. Resistance training should be incorporated into all training programs, and if done correctly with suitable sets, reps and rest, it will no doubt produce results.

If you are concerned about whether your training is working for you, I would suggest evaluating and prioritizing your resistance training first, regardless of whether your overall training goal is to build muscle or improve endurance.

Circuits and HIIT training, though not essential are incredibly efficient. Both can offer a high intensity workout during a short period of time, improving your aerobic fitness, strength and endurance.

2. Have Fun

It’s no fun to work out if you hate it!

It probably sounds overrated, but you can use whatever exercises you enjoy to your advantage.

I don’t particularly enjoy cardio, especially if I’m in a stationary or seated position. However, I do enjoy running outside and being with nature and boxing, so I use these exclusively for my cardio fitness.  

Give some consideration to what you find fun.

Use it, but don’t abuse it! You want it to remain fun after all. Don’t forget, your body will adjust quickly to the stress levels you’re putting it under, and your workouts will become less effective if you don’t mix it up.

3. Make it Sustainable

A common mistake made by gymgoers is thinking short-term and not about the long-term. When there is a lack of consideration for future goals and sustainability, one may end up burnt out, hindering progression and sabotaging progress. This stop start can be damaging to your short and long term programs and goals, both physically and mentally.

Try keeping a fitness journal to plan and track your workouts. When you come to review your sessions, you will be able to better analyse your accomplishments and navigate your next workouts and/or rest. This will help you maintain a sustainable fitness lifestyle. It is also great way to challenge yourself.