10 ways to tell that your Personal Training programme is working

April 12, 2022

The title of this blog is actually a little misleading as my clients are usually in no doubt at all when their Personal Training programme is working from them – they’d tell me that no checklist is required! 

Achieving personal goals and being able to do so much more than you initially expected is kind of addictive - in a very good way - and that’s why most people who’ve trained under my watchful eye (or under the supervision of other like-minded professionals) have absolutely no intention of giving up their fitness fix any time soon.

The 10 things listed below are therefore simply the most obvious ways you’ll benefit from a truly personalised plan, crafted by an expert in fitness and nutrition. If any of these make an appearance in your own life goals, then enlisting the expertise and support of a Personal Trainer is exactly what you need to help you achieve them.

How do you know your decision to ‘make your training personal’ is working?: 

  1. You feel happy
  2. Your relationship with food is a positive one
  3. You feel energised
  4. You are highly productive at work
  5. You are enjoying a good relationship with friends and family
  6. You seldom feel out of breath
  7. You have a new enthusiasm for life
  8. You feel strong to your very core
  9. Your favourite clothes fit you exactly how you want them to
  10. You want everyone you know and care about to get a Personal Trainer too!!

All joking aside, I often meet people who have had a bad training experience in the past. They tell me that they absolutely hated the physical exercise or that they felt so self-conscious with their trainer that they dreaded their sessions in the gym. I’ve even been told stories of repetitive, boring training programmes and loss of interest to the extent of making excuses to miss sessions on a regular basis. This makes me feel sad, and possibly also just the tiniest bit angry.

As your Personal Trainer, my over-riding aim is to ensure that your plan includes a healthy mix of training and activities which you will enjoy, and which you can actually do. They may be challenging - after all that is how your fitness will improve – but there will be nothing in there which will make you scared or self-conscious to the point of dread. Through choice of exercise and frequency of refreshing the plan, there’s no risk of boredom – just a high risk of actually having fun!

Regardless of whether you’ve experienced something negative in the past or haven’t yet tried training with the support of a Personal Trainer, there really is no time like the present to start benefitting from the huge positives it can bring when done properly.

The discovery call which I have with all of my new clients lays the foundations for our training plan to succeed, but it is the regular check-ins, online support and instant messaging which will keep everything on track, and keep the enthusiasm, positivity and results at their absolute max. Get in touch today to discuss how you could be making your own top 10- maybe even a top 20 - best things about having a Personal Trainer…