Pip Allen

“After having sessions with Neil, I have become happier, stronger, and more productive."

Social media can be fake, but what you can’t fake are your results.

Great results here from my client, Pip, with only 1, at a push 2, sessions a week in the gym. 


Pip proves that you don’t have to go to the gym 5 or 6 times a week, sometimes, people can’t do that. 


It’s about making the right choices and having people around you that support your goals.


Here’s what Pip had to say:


“When I was pregnant, I was working from home, uncomfortable, and unmotivated. I ended up being glued to the sofa eating, and excusing it for ‘eating for two’. A bag of chocolate a night became the norm. After gaining 4 stone throughout my pregnancy, and birthing an 8-pound baby, I realised the extra weight doesn’t suddenly shed off. However, I grew and birthed a baby, so I accepted my new larger tummy.”


“However, I soon began finding myself feeling too overwhelmed to leave the house – I ended up spending consecutive days at home with my baby and just felt like I needed an hour to myself to listen to music and sweat, which is when my partner, Dan, suggested I see Neil for weekly personal training sessions.”


“After having sessions with Neil, I have become happier, stronger, and more productive. My relationship with food is much better, and I now recognise my reflection in the mirror. I still eat the occasional chocolate bar when I want (which is rare now), but I can now say that after going from working full-time to becoming a full-time mum, I have now accomplished something for me again.”